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FICS League Rule (English)
김영진11-11 17:06 | HIT : 8,645

FICS League

We will play in Swiss system for the time being, and we'll make team-league in the future.

Time control is 40min + 30 sec. (may change)

(Meeting time is 10 o'clock everyday, but this isn't important. you may make an appointment with your opponent on other time.  See below 'how to make an appointment')

Tourney Rules

1. Disconnection is instantly regarded as a forfeit.
    (your opponent is not required to resume the game)
2. No takeback.
3. Using/Consulting  kibitzing/database/software/book/pda/other's advice are all cheating.

How to make an appointment

Use this BBS to make appointments between players. 

Propose specific Date/time to meet your opponent.  Time is in Korean time (+9 GMT)  If you have trouble in communicating with your opponent, write to me (yachess@gmail.com)

If your opponent doesn't appear on time,re-schedule thru this board.

In case of trouble with communicating your opponent, send email to me. (yachess@gmail.com)

If you fail to appear 3 times, you forfeit the game.

If both sides fail to agree on time for play or the game cannot be played within a week, the game will be cancelled. 



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